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Hero Steel Curtain Wall


The RAICO THERM+ SI/FSI steel curtainwall system is the reference for high end residential and commercial applications worldwide. The system can be used in skylights (up to 2 degrees inclination) as well as vertical facades. The strength of the system is in its adaptability to suit virtually any architectural intent.

Custom configurations are the norm.

System Features

  • Mullion depth, width and shape can be customized (HSS or open sections)
  • Mild steel or Stainless steel.
  • Vertical mullions/rafters can be load bearing (integrated structure)
  • Various depths and shapes of pressure plates and beauty caps (aluminum or timber)
  • Optional SSG with internal toggle capturing the inboard light mechanically
  • Large glass to glass corners (with nested spacer bar)
  • Seamless integration of Aluminum or Timber systems as well as load bearing mullions
  • Supports for oversized glass (locally sourced up to 130” to 240”, up to 3.2m x 18m from Germany)

Energy efficiency (NFRC):

  • Double Glazed single LowE: 1.39 W/m2K (0.24 Btu/h.ft2F)
  • Triple Glazed single LowE: 1.04 W/m2K (0.18 Btu/h.ft2F)
  • Triple Glazed double LowE: 0.7 W/m2K (0.12 Btu/h.ft2F) – PH certified assembly

Insertion elements:

  • Wing 50 zero sightline casement & awning vents (up to 40 sqft)
  • FRAME+ 75/90 tilt and turn (up to 40 sqft)
  • FRAME+ 75 swing door
  • FRAME 120 skylight vent
  • Lift & Slide doors
  • Minimal sightline sliding doors
  • Pivot main entry doors

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